Marathon De Sables

March 23 - April 1, 2007

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148_4832 148_4834 148_4837 148_4838
    A taste of some dunes     Giles, Fulvio and Jay scrambling
to the top of a dune
    Lahsen Ansahal passing me
on the long day on the way to victory
    Tim cut out the toes of his shoes
to relieve the pressure
148_4845 148_4847 148_4856 148_4857
    Diana (barely) crossing the finish line
of the long day after 34 hours!
    Sunset over the Sahara     Me on a cold morning     Toby, a crazy UK racer
in his 5th year here
148_4867 148_4875 148_4878 148_4882
    Me, running across the desert     Tim, Pete, Nick and Patrick
over a cup of tea
    The Paris opera string
section in a desert performance
    Crossing the finish line!